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El-Sharra ELSWheRe

Work of a pagan artist, writer and photographer from Kitchener, Ontario. See more of my work at WhiteRaven Creations
Apr 14 '14
Apr 14 '14
Apr 14 '14
Apr 5 '14



Spending a good chunk of the day downloading music for my theatre company’s Dionysian Festival Fundraiser. Anyone have any suggestions?

Also for any of my followers who might be in the Baltimore area around mid-April and are interested, details are available here!

Come on, guys! You’ve got to have some awesome music you listen to!

Here’s a selection from my Dionysian Playlist, hopefully some of them will work for you! (If you can’t find any of them and want to hear them drop me a note in my ask box with your email and I can send you the mp3)

INXS  - Elegantly Wasted

Bear McCreary - Apocalypse,  All Along the Watchtower

UB40 - Red, Red, Wine

The What - Bacchus Racchus

Cream - Tales of Brave Ulysses

Billy Idol - Rebel Yell

Dead Can Dance - Ubiquitous Mr Lovegrove

Cat Empire - Sly

The Doors - Wild Child, Crystal Ship (especially the vocal ONLY track you can find on youtube), Roadhouse Blues, Shaman’s Blues

Chris DeBurge - Don’t Pay the Ferryman

Hedwig and the Angry Inch - Origin of Love

Audioslave - I am the Highway

Beatles - Helter Skelter

Gun’s N Roses’ - Cover of Sympathy for the Devil

Clash - Rock the Casaba

John Prine - Illegal Smile

Bedoiun Soundclash - When the Night Feels my Song

Rogue Traders - Voodoo Child

Bodyrockers - I Like the Way You Move

Lou Reed - Take a Walk on the Wildside

Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb

Stryper - Can’t Stop the Rock

Bush - Out of this World

Godsmack - Voodoo ( and Voodoo Two)

Johnny Guitar Watson - Gangster of Love

Seal - Crazy

Kings of Leon - Closer

Irish Rovers - Wasn’t that a Party

Dr Hook - Freakin at the Freaker’s Ball (or Marilyn Manson’s cover of this song)

Elvis & JXL - Little Less Conversation

Fluke - Atom Bomb

Nazareth - Hair of the Dog

Fugees - Killing Me Softly

And especially  the mashup of Come Together (Beatles) and Closer (Nine Inch Nails) called Come Closer Together.

Apr 3 '14


Apr 3 '14
Canadian graffiti

Canadian graffiti

Apr 3 '14

Plants in winter

Apr 1 '14


Giles: “Buffy? After all this time?”

Spike: “Always”

Mar 31 '14
Mar 31 '14
Mar 18 '14
Mar 13 '14
Mar 12 '14
Mar 10 '14

A Meditation on Wind Chimes

I really hate being cold

(No, you don’t understand…. I REALLY hate being cold. I really, really hate it.)

And tonight it was freezing outside

And I was standing on my balcony in a t-shirt, drinking a whisky and coke.

(Shut up, I had good reason. And I had a blanket wrapped around me at least; and I even had slippers on.)

But the cold is not what’s important, what’s important was the wind chimes.

The sound of the city at 3 a.m. (that almost subsonic, collective roar/buzz) and the sound of silence (rare and fleeting, but thankfully still occasionally possible where we live) mixed with the sounds of the wind (the low howls between buildings and the high pitched whines where it screeches through the trees). 

They were all just backing vocals for the wind chimes.

The wind chimes on my balcony didn’t budge. 

It was the sound of some random ones, in an unseen neighbourhood backyard, unheard ever before tonight that was what was important; that was what kept me rooted out there in the cold, happily enthralled and happily transfixed.

The sound was way more intoxicating than the drink I held in my hands could ever be.

I had to stay to listen to it, I had no choice.

Random bursts of wind randomly hitting randomly placed pieces of metal.  The song could never have been pre-ordained, and yet… there was…. a symmetry to the sound, a patternless pattern, one that prodded at a deeper part of my brain. 

And I was reminded then, that even Chaos itself, can only seek to express itself through the beauty of this creation. 

Mar 10 '14
The next in my World Goddesses mask series - African Inspired Goddess Mask

The next in my World Goddesses mask series - African Inspired Goddess Mask