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El-Sharra ELSWheRe

Work of a pagan artist, writer and photographer from Kitchener, Ontario. See more of my work at WhiteRaven Creations

Posts tagged artemis

Jan 25 '14

The Goddesses of my Olympians Enthroned series

May 15 '12

Some of the deity masks that I’ll have for sale at Pagan Pride Day Hamilton later this year. Made from Crayola Model Magic

Nov 25 '11


Lady of the Hunt

Artemis, the daughter of Zeus and the titaness Leto was worshiped from very early times as the (sometimes winged) goddess of nature, birth, the hunt and all things wild – including young girls.  Later, in classical times was added her association with the moon.  Artemis is the twin sister of Apollon and is one of the few deities of Greek religion who are described by their filial relationships.  Artemis was born two days before her brother on the isle of Ortygia and developed her midwifery skills early in her life helping Leto to deliver Apollon on the isle of Delos.

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