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El-Sharra ELSWheRe

Work of a pagan artist, writer and photographer from Kitchener, Ontario. See more of my work at WhiteRaven Creations

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Jun 5 '12
Transit of Venus

Transit of Venus

Nov 26 '11


Lord of Light

The son of Zeus and the titaness, Leto; Apollon is best known as god of the sun, and though he became this in late times (originally it was Helios who was the sun god) that is not what was meant when the ancients called him the lord of light.  Above the temple of Delphi, the seat of the prophetic cult of Apollon were written the words ‘Know Thyself’ and Apollon is the light that seeks out knowledge of the self: deep, rational, true meanings; the light that burns away the shadows and lies and reveals the very core of our Selves. 

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